Sometimes You Just Need Hope By Dan Leone

When life is turned upside down
And all seems to be lost and never found
You look around and you measure what it cost.
There's nothing to gage just how much you've lost
When despair sinks in and you think there is no end
You want to reach out to someone cuz now you need a friend
Sometimes you just need hope
Sometimes you just need Love

Sometimes you just need Hope
Sometimes you just need Love
Sometimes you just need to know you're alive
And you have the Lord, your family, and your friends by your side.

Things one day are gonna look up
I know it's hard to not give up
Remember this life is just a test
It takes Faith and Hope to do the rest

Life can stop you dead in your tracks
But we know it's only to give everything back
All those things we put before the ones that mean the most to us.
Sometimes you need to know the Sun will shine again
Sometimes you need to know Despair will surely end
Sometimes you need to let go and let your life begin
In the gift of Hope, life will be OK my friends