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A Classic Christian Rock Trio
Artist Information

“Giving Praise and Worship to our God through the talents and gifts He gave us”

That’s what we do and we do it through the Christian music we perform to bring others closer to His message of Faith, Hope and Love. Our music is a blend of Contemporary Christian Rock with a driving beat and high energy lead guitar solos. The lyrics in each song written by SpiritN3D have a message of God’s Love for people of all ages and faiths. The musical performances are very lively and uplifting and are guaranteed to inspire audiences to sing along in worship and praise. The band is capable of performing more than 4 hours of contemporary Christian music written by today’s top artists and enjoyed by all Christian Churches regardless of affiliation. Depending on audience and the venue, music composition can be soft and mellow using acoustic instruments for coffee houses and adoration services to all out Hard Rock at concerts and outdoor events. 

In the Fall of 2014, SpiritN3D released their sixth CD called "I'm Comin' Home" once again returning with Miriam Lili of Australia on keyboard and Samuel Castilla of Washington State on lead guitar. Past venues include County Fairs, Music Festivals, Church Youth Concerts, Multi-Denominational Christian Night Clubs, Christian Coffee Houses and 12 step Recovery Clubs. Our greatest joy is bringing the message of Jesus Christ to teens and young adults in church services especially through the liturgy of the Holy Mass.

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Biography of the Band Members

Dan Leone, Rhythm Electric Guitar and Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Writer, Arranger, Producer and Musician

Dan has been involved in music ministry for more than 42 years. As one of the original founders of the band, Dan and his beautiful wife Debbie are involved in numerous church organizations and fellowship ministries including ACTS-CT and Life Teen Ministries where Dan has served as a music minister in worship services and special events. He is currently living and working in Dubai in the U.A.E. and is very involved in the Young Adults Choir at his Church. Dan also travels to the country of Haiti each year doing missionary work building projects for the poorest of God’s children in the Western Hemisphere. All sales from Dan's music is donated to the Haitian Health Foundation (HHF) of Norwich, Connecticut.

Miriam Lili, Keyboards, Piano, Synthesiser, Co-writer, Lyricist

Miriam is from New South Wales in Australia and met Dan on-line on a Christian Songwriters Blog. When she shared some of her music with Dan, he knew right away that he found someone that was passionate about writing Christian music that would move the hearts and souls of listeners. After several projects together, Miriam and Dan continued to co-write on new collaborations including He's Real, From Dubai To You and most recently on the Surrender CD. Miriam has a passion for her faith and is a mother of seven beautiful children. She and her husband, Sekove are very active in service to their local Christian community, and their children also enjoy being involved in music ministry.

Samuel Castilla, Lead Guitarist

Sam is well noted for his guitar harmonies that he effortlessly produces on his 7-string Schecter guitar. Sam hails from Longview, Washington in the United States and like Miriam Lili, met Dan on-line through the Bandzoogle Chat-room. As an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician in his own right, Sam enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter in his home music studio where he has written and produced many awesome songs that are available on his own website. After listening to Sam's song "Year 27", Dan had to find out who this musician was and if he just might be interested in collaborating on the "From Dubai To You" CD. He gratefully said yes and has been working on the SpiritN3D team since late 2011.Sam can be heard on his website at Please check him out, you'll be glad you did.

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Contact: Dan Leone,  email:

Basic Requirements

Self-contained and self-supporting, SpiritN3D has its own sound and lighting equipment and technical production support, the band is ready to play at venues ranging from open-air events to auditorium-hall concerts with over 6000 watts of power. 

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