Working on our Next CD Project "He's Real"

Hello Band Buddies!
Well, I've been hard at it pulling together some new material for our next CD project that will be called "He's Real". The inspiration for this new music CD came from a talk I recently heard on how God's presence can become real to each of us simply by making the effort to Love oneanother and to bring that Love to those in need. I've posted a couple of the tunes on our site wide player for you to listen to. Remember that these songs, including "He's Real", are still in the works and will need to have the lead guitar tracks of Dave Richard dubbed in. The song "Living God, Do It Again" is a collaboration with a very talented Australian songwriter named Miriam Lilly. There will be more from Miriam on the CD as we get closer to our Fall release date. This is just a taste of our new stuff. We'd love to hear from you on how you like it and what you think. Peace to you all!! - Dan

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