Return from Haiti

Hello Band Buddies!
Just returned from my annual trip to Jeremie, Haiti. It was a very productive week with 3 other men from our local community and 3 men who came in from Sioux Falls, SD! We built walls, tiled bathrooms and rebuilt roofs all in one weeks time at a local birthing hospital in Jeremie for mothers to give birth to their babies in a sanitary location. Noone got hurt and I even had an opportunity to "teach" an English Class at a night school in Jeremie. They were very interested in my background and wanted me to sing a couple of songs. Looks like they won't have to call in the exterminators now. LOL!! I hope to be back behind the guitar tommorrow night!. Can't wait to Rock for Jesus during this very special Holy Week! Friday may be right around the corner filled with darkness but Sunday's coming!!!!!
Peace and Blessings for a Joyous Easter, Dan

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