He's Real Ready For Release!!

It seems like yesterday that I began working on our next CD project called "He's Real" but looking back, I believe it was April of 2011 that I started writing the cover song to the CD. I  attended a great workshop that inspired me about bringing the Love that we hold inside to those in this world that need it the most. The Gospel of John is very clear that  "God is Love" and so if we bring Love to others then we are truly bringing God Himself to the needy and He becomes Real right now in today's world. It is our hope that this collection of 12 songs will bring God closer to you and you to Him. As a music ministry, that has always been our goal. A special Thanks to Miriam Lili of Australia who collaborated on these songs from the very beginning giving us a taste of the "Land Down Under" done in the tradition of SpiritN3D rock. Look for the release of "He's Real" on this site as well as at CD Baby and Itunes beginning November 28th. Crank up the tunes and Enjoy!
God's Peace

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