Got Inspired to "Walk By Faith"

Hello Bandbuddies!
I got inspired last week to finish a neat little tune that's been rollin' around my head these last few months. Whenever I get an idea or a great little riff on the guitar, I ll try to record it so I don't forget it. That's what happens when life is so filled with the ways of the world. We still need to Walk By Faith so that's the name of this 7th song slated for the upcoming CD project to be released in December. The name of the CD will be "From Dubai 2 U" I've posted the song on the site player for a short time. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this tune. I had help with the great lyrics and melody lineĀ from my good friend and co-writer Miriam Lili. She has such a heart for Jesus! God Bless and Enjoy!
Dubai Dan

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