New CD Project for 2014 called "I'm Comin' Home"

Hey Band buddies!!
Well, once again I have teamed up with Samuel Castilla on lead guitar and Miriam Lili on keyboards to release a new CD for 2014 called "I'm Comin' Home". I do believe this will be my last…

Getting out to the masses!!

I'm always searching for a new way to get our music out to the masses whether its through facebook, twitter, or any other form of media. Lately it seems as though more than 95% of the hits to our website…

Let's Start a new CD for 2014

Well the latest news is that I've decided to do another CD for 2014. I need to get Sam & Miriam back on board for their excellent contribution like they did on the last two CD's. Although this new unnamed CD for…

"Surrender" gets a great review from music industry professionals

Just received some feedback on a few songs off the "Surrender" CD submitted for industry review and critique. Here's what they had to say:

Thanks so much for allowing us to review your demo songs, “Release Me,” “We Celebrate,” and “You…

Surrender CD Available September 1st!!

Hello Fans around the world!!!!  Well, we've done it again with Dan Leone in Dubai, UAE, Miriam Lili in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales and Sam Castilla in Longview, Washington in the United States. We have come together one more…

We Celebrate with Number 8!!!

Hello Band Buddies, Family and Friends!!
Well...... song #8 for the "Surrender" CD called "We Celebrate" is now complete with the help of lead guitarist Sam Castilla and Miriam Lili on keyboards. This is a very simple song that…

New Tunes for 2013

Hello Band Buddies out there!

Song #4 is now complete for the new "Surrender" CD coming ut in November of this year. You can always hear lots of music from SpiritN3D on Jango Radio Airplay so don't be shy…

Do You Really Know Me?????

As we start off the New Year, I wanted all the SpiritN3D Band Buddies out there to know a little bit about me. Enough so that you will know that I truly have a passion for music and for bringing…

Your Love And Your Grace

Well here we are ready for a new year. It's already 2013!! With the recent release of "From Dubai To You" I had several other songs that I wanted to record so I decided that I will be doing another…

Have A Wonderful Christmas Season!

Being here in Dubai, Christmas is not a huge celebration. The birth of Jesus does play a very important role in the Muslim religion but for Christians, it is truly a time to celebrate Emmanuel, the birth of God made…

Who's the Fan from Peterborough, Canada??

You may not know this.... but I can see where all the hits to the website come from but I never know who they are....just where they are. It always amazes me to see people from all over the world…

"From Dubai To You" is Now Available

Hello Band Buddies!! Well, today I registered all the tunes with BMI publishers and got the CD copy-righted by the U.S. Copyright Office so we all all set to release the CD to the public. From Dubai To You has…