"Surrender" gets a great review from music industry professionals

Just received some feedback on a few songs off the "Surrender" CD submitted for industry review and critique. Here's what they had to say:

Thanks so much for allowing us to review your demo songs, “Release Me,” “We Celebrate,” and “You Still Love Me.” Is Surrender the title of your CD? I just want to make sure I’m clear on that.
Development of Idea (Consistency, Creativity, Clarity), Hook, Expression of Emotions

Dan, your songs are original and have a distinct sound. They have a sort of classic rock feel to them. The best part about your songs is that I find I want to sway to the music, and your lyrics are simple enough to easily follow along. Your songs encourage the listener to join in on the praise. Great job.

 Vocal Presentation, Structure, Melody/Melody Flow with Lyric

You have a great voice! I really like it. Your voice flows smoothly with the music. It is strong, clear, and comforting. You are quite the talent. I like that the vocals are consistent is all three songs.

 Music Presentation (professional instrumentation), Overall Industry Appeal of Final Product

As I mentioned before, your songs have a classic rock feel to them to me. I don’t know if that was your intention or not, but that’s a good thing. Your worship songs are distinct and stand out from what one would think of as a standard worship song. The music is flawless, and your vocals are perfectly timed. The lyrics are simple, easy to follow, and all of your songs make me want to sing along. You’ve done a great job with these songs, Dan, and your bright talent has shown through. I truly enjoyed listening to your music.

 And though we offer professional mixing and tuning, it sounds like you’ve already had that done. Dan, I believe your work is ready to publish as is. These songs are unique in the Christian music arena. Your voice is great, your lyrics sweet, your music rich, altogether a wonderful experience.

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