Play It Again Sam!!!

After listening to the original Walk By Faith, Sam Castilla wanted to add his lead guitar tracks to the song. He came up with some great sounds to this Leone/Lili tune to really make it come alive. You gotta hear the great "licks" he performs on this song. Although we have never met Sam, it seems like God always places the right people in our lives that will help us grow. Sam is a fabulous singer, songwriter and musician from Portland Oregon that I met on a music blog just like this one. When I visited his website at I was blown away by his talent. You gotta hear the passion in his music. It's fantastic. Anyway, Walk By Faith is a wrap and thanks to Miriam Lili for the great lyrics and melody line and Sam for the great guitar leads, its a song we can all be thankful for! Peace

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  • Joe Serra
    Joe Serra
    Hey Dan, "Walk by Faith" sounds great!

    Hey Dan, "Walk by Faith" sounds great!

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