Do You Really Know Me?????

As we start off the New Year, I wanted all the SpiritN3D Band Buddies out there to know a little bit about me. Enough so that you will know that I truly have a passion for music and for bringing hope to a world that needs it. First of all, I'm a leap year Baby!! That's right, I only get one birthday every 4 years and that has truly been a huge challenge in my life especially when I was a pre-teen. Today it is a wonderful conversation tool when I tell everyone that I'm only a teenager in the number of birthdays I have had. Also, you may be amazed that as a teen, I was a drummer in a successful rock band that had a few records out on Columbia Records!!! Those were the good ol' days when you recorded in a big studio in New York City. I learned to play guitar as a teen and never gave it up. Today I live a work in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates and I still work for the same company after almost 40 years right out of college as a Civil Engineer. Lastly, I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we are still madly in love! Been to Haiti each year since 1995 doing volunteer work with the Hatian Health Foundation and speaking of health.....I'm as healthy and fit as a horse! LOL. Well that's a little profile of me so how about you? Blessings~~ Dan

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