From Dubai To You


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“From Dubai To You” brings together the excitement of music performed in the tradition of SpiritN3D with the calling of our Christian faith in lands so far away from home.

Special thanks go out to Miriam Lili of Wagga Wagga, Australia for sharing her God-given talents in co-writing, lyrics and even her contribution on piano and synthesizer on all of the songs. She has touched every song on this CD!

Also, a very special Thank You to lead guitarist Samuel Castilla of Portland, Oregon, USA ( for his fantastic lead guitar work on many of these songs. Sam is an accomplished singer, song writer and musician in his own right and it has truly been great working with him on this project.

God showed me that He loves me with a passion
And then He shed that love abroad in my heart Wherever I go, I go with God's compassion He has commissioned me and set me apart From the United States and to the island of Haiti, I've seen what God's love can do Now His Spirit is reaching out through me again From Dubai to You

Enjoy and may God continue to Bless You! ~ Dan Leone

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