He's Real


Several months ago I was inspired by a workshop about God being present in everything and everyone we encounter each day of our lives and how I only needed to stop my busy life to recognize Him. For me, it was confirmation at a time that I truly needed to know that He’s Real. It wasn’t long after that I met Miriam Lili, a songwriter from Australia on a Christian songwriter’s website who helped me finish a song that I struggled to complete. Then I realized how much God truly loves me because the songs just kept flowing back and forth from Miriam. She would compose a song and send it to me for a listen and wow, I had a co-writer with a passion for our Lord. In the tradition of SpiritN3D with Dave Richard on lead guitar, we have transformed many of Miriam’s songs including Invasion, Living God, I’m Reaching Out, Come Now You Are Invited, Don’t Look Back and Worthy of His Calling into classic Christian Rock. Miriam even helped co-write the lyrics to Forgiven, Have You Heard and the chorus line to Holdin’ On. She has touched just about every song on this CD in some way and I’ll Remember was written and recorded in thanks for her dedication and love of God. Enjoy this new chapter in the ministry of SpiritN3D.
~ Dan Leone

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