About Us

The name “SpiritN3D”

What’s behind the name SpiritN3D? I’m glad you asked!
Back in 2006,  the original 3 members' first names all started with the letter “D”, Today, as a solo performer, the name stands for the Spirit of God that comes to us in three ways also known as the Trinity…. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit! 

“Giving Praise and Worship to our God through the talents and gifts He gave us”.

The Christian music performed brings others closer to His message of Faith, Hope and Love. The music of SpiritN3D is a blend of  Christian Rock with a traditional message of Love and everyday relationships . The lyrics in each song written by SpiritN3D have a message of God’s Love for people of all ages and faiths and our Love for one another through solid relationships with God at the center.  In the Fall of 2015, SpiritN3D released a sixth CD called "I'm Comin' Home" returning once again with Miriam Lili of Australia on keyboard and Samuel Castilla of Washington State on lead guitar. Since 2016, individual song releases have been made by Dan Leone, musician, singer and songwriter.