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The Simple Catholic Man

The Simple Catholic Man

The Simple Catholic Man

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All Knowing God (Psalm 139) 

Hello family and friends;
Well.... here it is song #4 for the upcoming CD. The song is called "All Knowing God" from Psalm 139 and is the fourth of a 12 song set that I am planning to release in late 2014 on the album called "I'm Comin' Home". Special thanks on this one to Sam Castilla of Longview, Washington who has been by my side on every song on lead guitar on the last two CD projects. Also a special thanks to Rozy D'Souza who has helped me with background vocals. Rozy is a member of the St. Francis…Read more

"Go Now" By Dave Eddy 

My Good friend and long time Christian music mentor, Dave Eddy wrote "Go Now" as a theme song for an ACTS retreat that was recently held in Connecticut. Dave sent me the song to add some mastering effects to the song and when I heard it, it got stuck in my head!  I probably sang that chorus over 1000 times in my head and even in my sleep!!! I knew I just had to record my own interpretation of the song. Have a listen.... it's a great tune and a Dave Eddy classic!  God Bless ~~~ Dan

New CD Project for 2014 called "I'm Comin' Home" 

Hey Band buddies!!
Well, once again I have teamed up with Samuel Castilla on lead guitar and Miriam Lili on keyboards to release a new CD for 2014 called "I'm Comin' Home". I do believe this will be my last CD recorded and produced here in my studio in Dubai. God only knows so I'll leave that up to Him for inspiration. First two songs are nearing completion so I'll be sharing some new music with everyone in the upcoming few month's. God Bless~~~~ Dan

Getting out to the masses!! 

I'm always searching for a new way to get our music out to the masses whether its through facebook, twitter, or any other form of media. Lately it seems as though more than 95% of the hits to our website have come through a link on Although I am grateful for this, it seems like our entire website is being filtered through that site but folks don't spend any time looking around or listening to the tunes???? Is that even possible? Seems like this has changed overnight.  I guess I'll have…Read more

Let's Start a new CD for 2014 

Well the latest news is that I've decided to do another CD for 2014. I need to get Sam & Miriam back on board for their excellent contribution like they did on the last two CD's. Although this new unnamed CD for 2014 will have its roots in the Christian faith, I would like to have the songs, look and feel of the tunes to be all about Love. Let's face it, God IS Love! So...... these Love songs should be relatable to all "mainstream" listeners. As always... I'll keep you posted! Peace ~~~ Dan

"Surrender" gets a great review from music industry professionals 

Just received some feedback on a few songs off the "Surrender" CD submitted for industry review and critique. Here's what they had to say:

Thanks so much for allowing us to review your demo songs, “Release Me,” “We Celebrate,” and “You Still Love Me.” Is Surrender the title of your CD? I just want to make sure I’m clear on that.
Development of Idea (Consistency, Creativity, Clarity), Hook, Expression of Emotions

Dan, your songs are original and have a distinct sound. They have a sort of classic rock feel to…

Read more

Surrender CD Available September 1st!! 

Hello Fans around the world!!!!  Well, we've done it again with Dan Leone in Dubai, UAE, Miriam Lili in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales and Sam Castilla in Longview, Washington in the United States. We have come together one more time to deliver what we believe is our best work yet on the new "Surrender" CD that will be officially available on September 1st. I'm realizing that our music is very unique and very different than what is out there for Contemporary Christian Artists. I've dubbed our style as Classic…Read more

We Celebrate with Number 8!!! 

Hello Band Buddies, Family and Friends!!
Well...... song #8 for the "Surrender" CD called "We Celebrate" is now complete with the help of lead guitarist Sam Castilla and Miriam Lili on keyboards. This is a very simple song that I wrote that has a beautiful story.

I rehearse in classroom #7 every Saturday before our choir sings at the 5:30 service. On the poster-board was a child's colorful drawing with three lines of scripture that simply said "We Celebrate with Joy and Gladness",  "God with us today"…Read more

New Tunes for 2013 

Hello Band Buddies out there!

Song #4 is now complete for the new "Surrender" CD coming ut in November of this year. You can always hear lots of music from SpiritN3D on Jango Radio Airplay so don't be shy about tuning in! We are doing great in the Philippines and also in parts of India and Malaysia!!! The latest song is right from Corinthians 1 -13 one of my favorite verses of Scripture. Love is patient, Love is kind...........
Thanks again to Miriam Lili of Wagga Wagga, Australia and to Sam Castilla of…Read more

Do You Really Know Me????? 

As we start off the New Year, I wanted all the SpiritN3D Band Buddies out there to know a little bit about me. Enough so that you will know that I truly have a passion for music and for bringing hope to a world that needs it. First of all, I'm a leap year Baby!! That's right, I only get one birthday every 4 years and that has truly been a huge challenge in my life especially when I was a pre-teen. Today it is a wonderful conversation tool when I tell everyone that I'm only a teenager in the number of…Read more

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Over the past few years, we have continued to grow deeper in faith through the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We continue to spread the joy and excitement of our music with performances at many Christian events including art festivals, coffee houses and clubs, church functions for all denominations and especially at youth rallies, retreats and youth events. God has been good to us and has blessed each one of us with special gifts. This ministry wouldn’t be the same without all of you supporting us and coming out to rock for the Lord! Thanks again for checking us out and may our Lord be with you in all that you do. God Bless!

Dan Leone

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